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Enhancing Virginia's future workforce by connecting viable career and technical programs to job market requirements.

The Virginia Career Education Foundation (VCEF) was built with the kind of governing foundation to assist agencies, communities, industry and education stakeholders. In order to be a contributing member of Virginia’s economic ecosystem VCEF went through a year of strategic planning from 2014-2015. The result was a new “working board” model and greater emphasis on organization structure, program relevance, and the building blocks necessary to become an NGO fiscal agent for large and small workforce solutions sponsored through federal, state, local, foundation, corporate or from revenue/asset opportunities developed internal to VCEF.

This Annual Report was designed to provide a view into the new possibilities that our now 15 year old organization has in front of it. We are still in search of strategic board members who will best be able to provide a greater leverage for change and build on our access to industry curriculum content and learning delivery methodologies, new certifications, methods for teacher professional development, and program implementation for grant/contract management.

VCEF Board of Directors


Established in 2002 by Governor Mark Warner, the Virginia Career Education Foundation (VCEF, the "Foundation") is a non-profit organization that works to increase the number of qualified applicants available to fill technical positions throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Dr. Peter Aiken
Vice Chair of the Board
Executive Committee Member

Founding Director
Data Blueprint

Lorne Joseph
Board Secretary & Treasurer
Executive Committee Member

Managing Director

Carter Brooks
Board Director

Executive Committee Member
VCEF Chief Development Officer

Karl Cureton
Chairman of the Board

Executive Committee Member

Founder and Executive Chairman
National Minority Technology Council

Dr. Susan Ramsey
Board Director

STEM Coordinator
Charlottesville City Schools

David Eshelman
Board Director

Director of Career and Technical Education
Chesterfield County Public Schools

Charles Sowell
Board Director

Chief Operating Officer
iWorks Corporation

Bruce Sobczak
Board Director

Principal Consultant
SOBO Associates LLC

Shawn Avery
Board Director

President and CEO
Opportunity Inc of Hampton Roads

Our Partners

Why we exist

About Us

Career and Technical Education links education to viable jobs and career readiness. Every day in Virginia students earn viable workforce certifications that position them to be gainfully employed or better prepared to continue their education with more knowledge of the world of work. The Virginia Career Education Foundation is organized and operates to promote, aid, encourage and connect School Administrators, Teachers, Students, Parents, in cooperation with Government and Employers, the advancement of Career and Technical Education programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

"After almost a year of strategic planning our Foundation has taken a bold move forward. Our digital footprint and new stakeholder partnership initiative will serve to expand the CTE System in Virginia.

Promoting Career and Technical Education is only a part of our mission. VCEF serves to enhance Virginia's future workforce by connecting viable career and technical programs to job market requirements."

Karl Cureton, VCEF Chair



VCEF will engage government, educators, local leaders, advocates, communities, students, parents and industry stakeholders into collaborative discussions to help strengthen educational pathways to the 21st Century Workforce.

The VCEF Statewide Advisory Council members are appointed by our Board of Directors. (See chart below)

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